I'm Not An Expert!

CFM is out to lunch.

You begin ”Well, I’m not really an expert, because I’m just an intern and I’m just getting started a- --” The Judge interrupts, “Dr. Superdoc, would you please just answer the question?”

Later the prosecutor explains to you that the standard for being an expert is pretty basic. An expert is someone who, by reason of training or experience, has knowledge that is relevant to the case but outside the knowledge of a typical judge or juror. After four years of medical school and several months of treating children, a pediatrics intern is definitely an expert.

The prosecutor also explains that an expert’s testimony is independently evaluated for admissibility and weight. Admissibility is a legal decision made by the judge. The judge decides if the expert is really an expert (as defined above) and if that expert knowledge would be helpful in deciding the case. The jury (if there is one) decides how much weight (if any) they will give a witnesses’ testimony in deciding the defendant’s guilt or innocence. The attorney who called you will ask questions relevant to both the admissibility and weight of the testimony you are going to give.

The judge ain’t happy, and things aren’t looking good. Why don’t you pick another option?

I started my education with honors pre-school at the Little Tot’s academy …

I attended medical school at ...