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PhotoDoc is an electronic medical record dedicated to medical forensics. I began PhotoDoc in 2007 as a part time SART examiner in Alaska's Northwest Arctic Bourrough. Subsequently, I completed fellowship in Child Abuse Pediatrics, lead who different Child Abuse Pediatrics, and currently I lead the South Carolina Child Advocacy Medical Response System. At each step of my career PhotoDoc has grown with me.

Early in my career I received the kind mentorship from Dr. David Senn, Roger Metcalf, and Paula Brumit, three excellent forensic odontologists. Under their tuteledge, I added features to Photodoc that cloned the popular WinID database. This feature, which I called WinId for the Web is a Disaster Mortuary Identification database, while has seen some use in the Forensic Odontology Community.

PhotoDoc is availaible free, and the binary distributions on this page are committed to public domain. Because you received PhotoDoc for free it comes with no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Your use of PhotoDoc is completely at your own risk. That being said, PhotoDoc is my baby, and I really want you to say she's cute. If something isn't right, email me at JohnMelville@gmail.com and I would like to help you out.

Get PhotoDoc

PhotoDoc works on Windows 10 and later systems. Years ago, when PhotoDoc was sold by Business Casual Software, we officially supported running PhotoDoc on Mac computers using paralleles software. At MUSC I ran PhotoDoc on one mac using DosBox softare. I do not own a Mac, so I have no idea if PhotoDoc runs on Macs. I would be happy to help you with any problems you find running on a Mac. I would say that this is an unsupported configuration, but since I am just a hobbyiest with a compiler and a website, technically everything is unsupported.

Click here to download the PhotoDoc MSI installer. Windows will complain that the MSI file can harm your computer, which it could but I have worked hard to ensure it won't. (See the lack of warranty above.) You will likely need to click several links in your browser to trust, accept, and execute the installer.


Many of these documents were prepared using prior versions of PhotoDoc. All of the feaures are still present, and most of the hotkeys are the same. The visual appearance of many of the windows has changed over the past 10 years.

There isn't a lot but here's what there is:

Downloadable Content

Photodoc includes some optional components that can be downloaded from this site and integrated into your implementation. Specifically these include: