Let the attending report to CPS.

Unemployed on a park bench.

You make a short note on the clinical form “some concern for child abuse.” You make a brief comment to the attending to think about reporting to CPS. You reassure Ms. Smith that Nevaeh’s skull fracture is likely to heal without any treatment and offer anticipatory guidance about head injury in children. Ms. Smith thanks you for the reassurance.

A few months later you get a call from a police detective. You hear that Nevaeh died from Abusive Head Trauma, and the police want to look into her prior visit with you.

The news gets worse (for you) from there. You learn that Texas Family Code 261.109 makes failure to report suspected child abuse a class B misdemeanor. This duty cannot be delegated to a supervisor or a subordinate.

The judge let you off easy (no jail time) and your rich uncle paid the $2000 fine, but … well the medical board wasn’t so kind.

The next months are filled with harsh realities. It turns out that you really DO need a medical license to work as an intern. And unfortunately they DON’T cancel your student loans just because you’re not working as a doctor … any more.

Sounds like that didn’t work out to well for you or your patient. Why don’t you pick again?

Schedule a follow-up in two weeks. Kids fall off beds all the time. It’s not dangerous as long as the head circumference stays normal.

Call the Center for Miracles – they like that child abuse thing.

Two month old babies don’t roll off beds! I’m reporting to CPS