Ask Center For Miracles To Help

CFM is out to lunch.

You pick up the phone and quickly dial 210-704-3800: the Center for Miracles. You fondly recall all the attractive, intelligent, and helpful staff you have previously worked with at that fine center. You are certain that they will know exactly what to do.

Then you realize that the phone keeps ringing and ringing. Unfortunately, it turns out that all of the Center for Miracles staff are currently attending their annual retreat. The pager “isn’t working” and it quickly becomes clear that no one will be answering your calls today.

Good call. In the real world, the Center for Miracles is always happy to help. For this exercise, you knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. Make another choice.

Schedule a follow-up in two weeks. Kids fall off beds all the time. It’s not dangerous as long as the head circumference stays normal.

Reporting to CPS is an attending responsibility. Let the attending decide what to do.

Two month old babies don’t roll off beds! I’m reporting to CPS